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35th World's Largest Silent Weekend
June 19-22, 2014
Orlando, Florida

     Silent Weekend is a visual language acquistion and skill building venue. It provides classes for those with no functional skill, beginners, intermediates, advanced (including interpreters), and includes sessions for those with native like ability.
       There is opportunity for RID members to collect up to 2.8 CEU/ACET units, students and other professionals to obtain a professional development certificate, teachers to pick up ideas for their classes from some of the nation's finest presenters, and newcomers to join our fledgling class to be exposed to Deaf culture, visual language, and have their questions answered.
      The 2014 venue will have 2 days of workshops with the former RID president, Daniel Burch.  We also have a commitment from Dr.Adan Penilla (author of Signing for Dummies) presenting political and religious figures in ASL (think Nelson Mandela, etc.)!   We will be updating classes and presenters as they are confirmed.
      The weekend has a voice off environment with few exceptions: orientation, cell phone area, fledgling class room and music/voicing workshops. We also have a  special "time out" staff member with whom frustrated participants can have a chat.

     Below is a brief idea of how time is alloted during the four days.

   The World's Largest Silent Weekend/Interpreter Conference's registration will begin at 12 p.m.Thursday.   A preconference workshop (eligible for RID CEUs) will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. During the orientation at  7 p.m. you will be introduced to all the presenters which may help you decide which classes you would like to attend.     There will then be evening classes for your pleasure.

  An early bird class will begin at 6:45 a.m. for early risers with most classes beginning at 8 a.m.. They will continue throughout the day and will again be held in the evening. There will be an special gathering over refreshments this evening.

Another day starting at 6:45 a.m. with most classes beginning at 8 a.m. Classes will end at 4:00 p.m. to give participants an opportunity to socialize with new friends, chat with old friends, or get some well needed rest,  A separate venue, ASL Improv, may be offered Saturday evening.  If the ASL improv isn't scheduled, we may add another advanced class bringing this up to a possible 3.0 or more CEU.

Classes will begin at 8:00 a.m. and end by 12:30 p.m.

The weekend has a relaxed atmosphere and draws participants for many states. The 2013 weekend  had 32 states with over 500 registered! Our most popular presenters return often but there are always fresh faces and new topics, too. We hope you will join us. We look forward to seeing you!

Hotel Information

     The Florida Hotel (top 2 out of 331 Orlando hotels on Trip Advisor) is at the Florida Mall, 1500 Sand Lake Road in Orlando.  See  Guest rooms are $115 single & double occupancy and $125 for triple or quad occupancy per night  with free parking and complimentary water bottles and free internet.  Call the reservations department at 800 588-4656.  Identify yourself as an attendee of the Silent Weekend.  Without that identification a resort fee will be added.  Please make your reservations before May 20, 2014. Staying at the conference hotel allows you to take advantage of the early and late classes and to network with the presenters and participants.   

Food Information
       The Florida Mall has a huge food court  where you can eat at reasonable prices (such as $4.95) and you can still go to upscale restaurants if you wish.  You will notice our lunch breaks are timed as to avoid the noon hour rush alloiwng you an easier time to get your lunch.   The hotel has always offered a lunch buffet Friday and Saturday which includes drink, a wide variety of salads and sandwiches, plus hot entrees and dessert.

       Here are the classes and presenters
and schedule.  For those collecting CEUS, up to 2.8 CEUS are possible and most of them are in the professional studies category.

General Registration
Early Bird due by postmark September 30, 2013 CLOSED
Regular registration by postmark December 31, 2013 CLOSED

$240 registration by postmark March 31, 2014 CLOSED
$290 registration by postmark May 31, 2013   CLOSED
Online or at door registration   $350 -- cash, Visa, MasterCard or money order payable to SILENT WEEKEND -- no personal checks.

Daily registration for Friday and Saturday -- $150 each day with Thursday and Sunday $75 each day -- cash, Visa, MasterCard or money order only -- no personal checks.

  Registration includes all classes, break refreshments, and program book. 

         We offer a special rate for groups such as students, interpreter groups, church groups, large families, etc 
This group rate is for five or more registering together.  Each person must fill out a separate  registration form which must be sent together with one check or money order payable to Silent Weekend.    Once this registration is sent in, you cannot add to it.    Due to the group registration discount, there will be no refunds or credits or transfers.   Click this for group registration information.

Deadline for Group Registration


     There are special classes for those knowing no signing at all.  Please click this for on-line registration.  Registration for fledglings  is just $100..  This class has 12 hours of lessons with a teacher using voicing to put you at ease!  Fledgling may not join other classes(beginner, intermediate,advanced) during their regularly scheduled 12 hour track.  This is a closed group and you MUST pre-register for it.  If you arrive at the Silent Weekend as a fledgling and wish to change to the regular classes, you must upgrade to the regular registration prices. 

Deadline for Fledgling Registration

July 1 to May 31   $100 until all 15 seats are taken ... email to see if space is still available


How would you rate your signing skills?  If a Deaf stranger were to sign to you, how would your signing appear?

 [    ] Fledgling -- no functional skill (can register online for this track )        
 [   ]  Beginners – short 1-2 sentence responses, some creativity in  sign usage, slow signing speed  
[   ]  Intermediate – begins to look like a “conversation” with 2-4 sentence responses, moderate signing speed
  [   ]  Advanced – Can elaborate, using ASL grammar, is comfortable with visual language, communication flows smoothly

This information is used to help determine how many classes to offer for each level  and does not commit you in any way.

Mail-In Registration 

     Make check payable to Silent Weekend  (or register online) and send to:  Silent Weekend, 4492 Golf Ridge Drive, Elkton, FL  32033. There will be no refunds or credits after March 1, 2014 and a $10 processing fee will apply for refund requests made prior to March 1, 2014.  Your registration can be transferred at no charge to anyone you choose up to May 31, 2014 .  Please check for last minute information before you come!

     If a natural disaster or local authorities cause the silent weekend to be cancelled, you will be issued a refund minus 10% to cover upfront costs (program book, etc.)

  Please print this out and bring with you to the Silent Weekend.

           Silent Weekend Registration    $_________    PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM  FOR GROUP REGISTRATION ... CLICK THIS LINK, PLEASE

                                        Total Cost:   $ _________  
Check # ______________    

Visa or MC #      ________-_________-_______-_______   

Expiration Date month ________ year __________         seal

CVV (or the security code from the back of your card) ______

Name __________________________________________

[   ] fledgling [  ] beginners  [  ] intermediates  [  ] advanced [  ] RID member collecting CEU's or ACET units

Address ________________________________________

___________________________________ ZIP ________

E-Mail _________________________________________

Phone ­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________

Mail by postmark by May 31, 2014 to:
       Silent Weekend
       4492 Golf Ridge Drive
       Elkton, FL  32033


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